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Change Log

Some minor info on updates and changes... probably of no use what so ever to anyone, live or dead... but hey, Iíve got to put someting on these pages...


The hard disk on my workstation crashed, and I lost my web site. Had backup of everything else, but not the Netobject Fusion data... Well, at least I know where to store it the next time.

Had to import all the data from the live website, but ended up with cut and past as the format of the import was a bit to messed up.


The first entry in the new year. Corrected the MRTG config file after being alerted of the errors by Elmar van Mourik... Maybe this year will be a better and more productive year for web updates...


Added scripts to the Trend/Viruwall page contributed by Elmar van Mourik-.


Not a lot going on... Added a section as Marcus entered out famliy. Updated the Linux sections with some of my work..