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Friends and Family

Sturle - Little Brother


Morten - Older Brother


Lars & Kjersti - and the 3 little...


Network Tools and Applications

Snort - IDS
(You don’t want to be without it if you run a network with a connection to the internet)

An excellent Netowork Monitoring suite.

Squid Cache Proxy
High performance proxy server for web/ftp traffic.

RC Flying

Os Aero Club
My old flying club.An excellent site outside Bergen. Holds both RC flying as well as full size gliders.

Little Rotors
An excellent site with lots of info on various aspects of Heli flying. Some good guides on how to do basic manuvers for the novice.

Home Automation

Superb Home Automation Tools running on Linux and Windows. Once we get our own house, this will be controlling a lot of the inside of it. Isn’t it fun to be able to say “Computer,.. lights off” when going to bed..