Monitoring Trend Viruswall with Mrtg
Need to monitor  Windows servers and services which does not have any SNMP capabilities. Why not  use the Microsoft Performance Monitor counters....

Bilbo - Nessus WEB Interface
A web frontend for the Nessus Security Scanner

Brage - Change Management Database
A simple PHP WEB database for handling change management on equipment (like servers, appliances, routers, etc etc. (a Sourceforge Project)

Nessus Plugins
check_mailq - A modified version of the standard mailq plugin with support for Postifx.
check_cpqim - Compaq Insight Manager Plugin (a bigbrother conversion)
check_seti - Seti@Home plugin based on Tim Niemueller code for LCDproc
check_raid - A modified plugin to keep status of all your Linux software raid sets


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