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RC Flying

One of my big  interests beside computers, is flying in general, but especially flying model airplanes and helicopters.
Amongst dust and cob-webs, you can find the following models in my collection:

Balsacraft Limbo Dancer
Excellent Fun fly. Currently fitted with an Enya 30 which is getting a bit old. Performs well at very low speed thanks to the large mixed  ailerons/flaps. 

Hirobo GPH 346 Helicopter
Lots of metal on this creation. I bought the shaft driver version, something I regret. Make sure you get the belt-drive kit, or upgrade. Powered by a OS 46 FX-H

Morley MXA Sport
Half finished Westland Lynx body
Hidden away as it needs a good repair...
Iíve decided to try and get this kit finished and flying again...

Graupner FO114 Gnat Foam Jet
Entry level electric foam jet. Speed 400 motor.  

This is not how it looks unless you cover and paint it...

Rich Rover 4 meter glider
Donít know much about this model. I believe the kit is from 70s or early 80ís. Itís got an epoxy fuselage, styrofoam wings covered with thin plywood of some sort. Flies reasonably well both in thermals and hangs.
About 50 cm on each side can be taken of the wings and replaced with small winglets to make it a quicker and more acrobatic version, although Iíve never tried this  myself.


Last Changed 06.03.2003