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The Family

Once upon a time there lived a Princess..
October the 7th, 2000 was the  year Wales played Norway at the Millenium stadium in Cardiff. The match was a draw (only to be won by Norway the following year.. :-) )
On this day, the young and innocent Viking from the snowy land of Norway finally got the hand of the young and beautiful Welsh maiden after several years of searching and waiting..

The  big day was held at St Martin’s Church, Caerphilly and the beautiful Miskin Manor hotel just outside Cardiff, a building from the 10th century. It was a perfect day, although the weather god wasn’t in to good a mood that day. Luckily, she (the weather god) woke up quite late that day, so we managed to get to the reception before the “flooding” started.

Marcus Alexander

...was his name and cried when he came into this world.

Jules gave birth to our first born at 22.37 on the 30th of October....