Extra 260 3-view

I’ve been unable to find a 3-view for the Extra 260 aircraft. The only material available was a 2-view (side and top) that seems to have been based on a picture of an original Extra manuals page. This can be found in the following post on Flyinggiants.com

So I’ve drawn up the following 3-view that I hope others might find useful. The top and side view is based on the already published original 2-view, but with some slight modifications to make sure the various components are sitting in the correct locations. I also used the ExtraAircraft companys own 3-view of the Extra 300S as a reference since the fuselage on the 300S share much with the 260 (with exception of the 300S having a different landing gear, shorter nose, wings mounted lower, different canopy).

The 3-view was used as base for the static documentation for the 2022 FAI F4 Scale World Championship.

I must also thank Steven Carver who flies the G-EXTR in the UK and who helped out with some photos and details. More info on his Extra 260 can be found on https://www.aerobatics4you.com/

Click on the picture below to get the full image (white background). The same PNG with a transparent background or the PDF version can be downloaded from the links at the bottom.

3-view Extra 260 (White Background)
3-view Extra 260 (White Background)